Peter M Howard ::

02August2015 20:55

and this space! beautiful California modern (@ Plant Food and Wine)

02August2015 20:50

fancy vegan brunch; really cool that seasonal plant-based food can be this amazing (@ Plant Food and Wine)

02August2015 18:53

today’s caffeine, in the delightfully geeky Demitasse; one coffee done three great ways (@ Demitasse Santa Monica)

31July2015 22:13

champagne breakfast, because time now has no meaning (@ Qantas International Business Lounge - Sydney)

26July2015 01:50

one of Tracey Moffatt’s Invocations; looks like something out of MAD MAX FURY ROAD; her whole series a gorgeous recontextualisation of fairy tales to the Australian landscape (@ Museum of Contemporary Art Australia)

13July2015 04:02

bumping in, with these slightly creepy cubes hovering above us (@ Royal Hall Of Industries, Moore Park)

12July2015 10:12

third time on FURY ROAD, and it gets better with every viewing; it’s a total masterpiece of mythic filmmaking, and its supporting cast is great: Immortan Joe is horrid, frighteningly charismatic; Nux is fascinatingly led astray (witness his redemption!); Splendid is a saint, tragic and heroic; and of course I’d follow Furiosa anywhere!

11July2015 03:39

I’m inclined to be cynical, but Barangaroo does look like it’ll be pretty great; the design aesthetic is super trendy but really works in the environment, and it’s being bootstrapped with some great food spots; fingers crossed it doesn’t become a dead zone nights and weekends (@ The Streets of Barangaroo)

11July2015 03:33

Gadigal Country (@ The Streets of Barangaroo)

05July2015 07:13

on point. & I like the way the hair’s growing out

30June2015 02:51

this bowl even tastes like rainbows (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

27June2015 10:10

I’d like to live in an apartment like this; John Tunnard’s Focal Point (@ Auckland Art Gallery)

21June2015 03:42

did brekky and lunch at @meccacoffee — a delicious coconut black rice, and this beautiful colourful plate of cheese and veg with a very tasty keffir spritz; the whole menu looks as good! (@ Mecca Coffee)

21June2015 02:02

In The Flowers at @meccacoffee to brighten up a grey day; a beautiful blend! (@ Mecca Coffee)

20June2015 07:17

caffeine hit before the @sydneysymphonyorchestra marathon begins (pre-concert talk starts now; opera doesn’t finish until after 11, nearly six hours away!) (@ Sydney Opera House)

14June2015 08:42

going a second round on my meat day, because I had to check out The Chicken Institute; did not disappoint! contemporary Korean fried chicken; boneless and tender, not-too-heavy batter, delicious herbs and spices (@ Chicken Institute)

14June2015 05:05

this meat day, fried chicken waffles w/ Japanese curry; crispy and juicy and salty and sweet (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

09June2015 22:23

this commute, even in the cold and grey #lovethiscity

08June2015 06:41

not quite the ‘bread’ I was shooting for, but I’ll take a very successful choc banana slab

03June2015 09:23

put a blue Stilton in my pasta bake; insanely delicious

30May2015 13:35

smashed this week