Peter M Howard ::

09June2015 22:23

this commute, even in the cold and grey #lovethiscity

08June2015 06:41

not quite the ‘bread’ I was shooting for, but I’ll take a very successful choc banana slab

03June2015 09:23

put a blue Stilton in my pasta bake; insanely delicious

30May2015 13:35

smashed this week

30May2015 12:56

Melbourne Ska Orchestra were fun, but ska as a genre needs to die in a fire; there has to be a less problematic way to enjoy these rhythms (at one point they acknowledged the black sounds ska had come from, then proceeded to dance like and sing about monkeys; they might as well have been in blackface) (@ Sydney Opera House)

30May2015 03:37

everything about this space

30May2015 03:17

new Mecca cafe in Alexandria is gorgeous; impeccably designed, from the space down to the little details, and delicious menu

29May2015 09:00

the SOH northern foyer should always be a lounge, but the pool hall and old American music is just trying too hard (@ Sydney Opera House)

29May2015 08:39

especially beautiful now you can see inside under the sails again (@ Sydney Opera House)

29May2015 08:34

obligatory #vividsydney #notafullmoon (@ Sydney Opera House)

24May2015 06:38

hipster bait; monocle popup at The Stables

23May2015 02:27

good food, great coffee, and Dylan on the stereo; I might be in love (@ Depot)

23May2015 00:34

I am falling for Auckland; it’s cloudy and wet and utterly charming (@ Auckland Domain)

17May2015 07:03

Max isn’t the hero of FURY ROAD; he’s there to guide Furiosa on her journey to redemption; brilliantly insane, adrenaline- and gas-fuelled punk fantasy

16May2015 06:17

CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA: peak Assayas, very insider-y, talkfest, beautiful drama; whole cast is great but KStew is stunning (I want to see the followup movie just about whatever Val does next)

16May2015 03:00

got the cinema to myself (@ Paris Cinema, EQ)

14May2015 11:31

not your regular classical music! fun night with @sydneysymphonyorchestra #ssovanguard in the arty and art-filled @bresicwhitney offices (@ BresicWhitney)

14May2015 08:03

those colours (@ Stop Valve Espresso & Bar)

12May2015 10:57

couldn’t not pick this up: All The Buildings In Sydney #lovethiscity

12May2015 09:45

have been ordering Patatas Bravas in vain for years, and tonight it paid off, with the best I’ve had in Sydney; beautiful blend of sweet and regular potato, with spicy tomato and dollops of aioli (@ Los Vida)

12May2015 08:39

counting down #lovethiscity

10May2015 09:12

built off the last creation to use the second half of the pumpkin; a coconut curry with pumpkin, snow peas, lentils, and quinoa

09May2015 01:31

second breakfast (@ Mecca Espresso Ultimo)

08May2015 07:11

these buildings block the sunset, but it’s still a very pretty view

07May2015 10:34

pretty proud of this one: had been working on it for months before I left the last gig, with another three months by the team since; the results are great, a daily planner, tracker, and workout coach all in one beautiful app #12wbtdaily (I called the name, too)