Peter M Howard ::

05April2015 06:09

happy easter (@ Hyde Park)

03April2015 03:40

this classy guy couldn’t leave Ultimo without his @blackstarpastry cake and babycino (@ Black Star Pastry Powerhouse Museums Store)

01April2015 10:27

@younghenrys nattys all night (@ Darling Quarter)

01April2015 01:03

picking up some beans to keep at work (@ VELLA NERO coffee couture)

29March2015 07:50

another classic ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ invention; a spiced stew, I guess: lentils, quinoa, and tomato; cumin, coriander, paprika; a pile of mushroom & veg; and a bit of tahini to thicken it; transcontinental, and sublime

29March2015 03:13

rainbow over the great hall (@ The Quadrangle, The University of Sydney)

25March2015 23:02

great coffee; interesting new name (@ Brew Collective)

They cannot go back


In which a dreamer wakes, a world emerging […]

22March2015 04:26

homemade spiced corn and cauliflower fritters, all from fresh; a lot of work, and not pretty, but so so tasty

22March2015 00:46

final day / decay (@ Carriageworks)

21March2015 07:21

salad, poached egg

21March2015 06:04

sneaker hit

19March2015 05:19


18March2015 02:56

The G (@ Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG))

17March2015 10:56

so melbourne (@ Murmur Melbourne)

16March2015 07:21

my kind of bar, all 20sqm of it hidden off a back alley in the middle of the city, and not full of suits (@ York Lane)

13March2015 03:33

St Ali coffee right downstairs! (@ 'noOk urban fresh bar)

13March2015 01:15

07March2015 08:21

#lovethiscity (@ Sydney Opera House)

05March2015 03:39

found time for a pour over at Top Paddock; mad atmosphere in here but the bustle really works (@ Top Paddock)

01March2015 04:25

that magical Elixir hitting the spot on a hot summer afternoon (@ Edition Coffee Roasters)

27February2015 05:06

not quite moving in, but checking out the view from the new office

27February2015 02:50

they are not friendly to vegetarians here! this side of potatoes, badged vege on the menu, came full of bacon (@ Bavarian Bier Café York St)

24February2015 23:44

come back, Summer! I won’t complain about the heat! (@ Jones Bay Wharf)