Peter M Howard ::

29September2015 03:05

pre-empting jet lag by staying out all day, and it’s great to be back at @paramountcoffee (the original!) (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

29September2015 01:05

Oh Sydney <3 Art & About and a gorgeous spring day (@ Hyde Park)

27September2015 00:37

xoxo (@ Mama Shelter Los Angeles)

26September2015 22:35

too hot and too exhausted to do anything this afternoon, so double parked Ruinart rosé behind an Allagash tripel while I type up / edit the latest of the novel (which is less progressed than I’d hoped, but some 28k words and a decent direction and process for finishing it, so I’m happy with that!) #homesoon (@ Mama Shelter Los Angeles)

26September2015 19:29

@pcpfairfax killing it (@ The Paramount Coffee Project: Los Angeles)

25September2015 21:47

a little taste of home; I was lucky enough to get to @paramountcoffee on their first day a couple years ago, and now it’s @pcpfairfax’s first (@ The Paramount Coffee Project: Los Angeles)

25September2015 04:23

so this evening I flew from Vancouver all the way to Los Angeles, back where I started this trip; looking down at the land and ocean and cities I’d driven up through hit me right in the feels (pictured is around the Bay Area just after sunset; impossibly to capture the sheer magnitude of all that sprawl!)

23September2015 21:46

regram @adrinkingproject (since that’s a thing I’m doing now) (@ CRAFT Beer Market Vancouver)

22September2015 18:58

trekked out to @49th for a bit more coffee, and a @luckysdoughnuts lemon and poppyseed (@ 49th Parallel Coffee)

22September2015 03:05

so today in Vancouver I was poisoned (just bleach, I’m okay), walked an 18km round-trip to the northern-most point of my trip (pictured), poisoned myself with alcohol (I’m ok), finally learnt how baseball works (!), learnt a little bit about how ‘French’ Canadians coexist here, continued to misunderstand NFL (they fight even nowhere near the ball?), heard accents from all around the world (including Aussie!), got a little bit burnt even with no serious sun and yep, it’s time to come home (just after a bit more coffee and the wallabies game and an attempt to figure out what west Hollywood is all about)

18September2015 22:06

my novel POV story lines got so complicated I had to stop and map out where they were going before I can write again #sneakpeek

18September2015 22:02

Vancouver, bringing the flat white and amazing @49th espresso (@ Prado Cafe)

16September2015 23:59

dat spectrum tho; after a white flight and a red I’m doing some Washington rosés (@ The Tasting Room - Seattle)

16September2015 22:09

I’m going to have to come back to Washington state because I’ve just discovered the best Syrah I’ve ever had (@ Purple Cafe & Wine Bar)

16September2015 20:41

this wine bar is totally for suits, but it’s quiet at the counter, and they’ve a big selection of tasting flights, so I’m discovering Washington wine (@ Purple Cafe & Wine Bar)

16September2015 00:03

wow, this delicious chickpea ‘cake’! (@ Local 360)

15September2015 18:56

pit stop in Olympia WA and having the best espresso I’ve yet had this side of the Pacific! cool local roastery with a smooth blend and a great selection of single origins (@ Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.)