Peter M Howard ::

07August2016 03:38

I swear this is one of the characters from the novel I’m writing! a wonderful surprise, and cool to discover… the paintings are by Ginger Riley Munduwalawala, the bird/spirit is Ngak Ngak (@ Art Gallery of Western Australia)

06August2016 10:09

of course the first place I find in Perth is the local craft beer joint (@ Petition Beer Corner)

06August2016 02:43

ominous (@ Sydney Airport)

29July2016 00:28

in Bali for a work retreat; yesterday we hiked to the top of a volcano to watch the sunrise; hard work and an incredible payoff (@ Mt Batur, Bali)

03July2016 05:00

sweets for a sunday (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

19June2016 02:15

winter food and filter coffee for a rainy day (@ Mecca Coffee)

15June2016 10:39

delicious vegan ‘chicken’ burger from @zeitgeistcuisine today, in anticipation of their vegan diner (check out the pozible link in their profile and help make it happen!) (@ Zeitgeist Cuisine)

14June2016 09:54

come for the beer, stay for the (awesomely antisocial) cat (@ Quarrymans Hotel)

12June2016 04:18

and a couple of amazing veggie dishes, ’cause why should they be boring; a broad bean shoots w/ turnip purée, and a stunning pine mushrooms w/ kale purée (@ Monopole)

12June2016 03:45

a lovely Sunday afternoon on a long weekend is for exploring Sydney; stopped off at Monopole for a lazy lunch, kicking off w delicious oysters and a nice sharp Pinot Gris (@ Monopole)

04June2016 03:07

this building (@ Chin Chin)

30May2016 09:20

spiced lentil / pearl barley / quinoa stew; food for the cold

29May2016 08:08

finally got me some proper wine storage; all those Hentley Farm Beauties have a shelf almost their own

27May2016 14:10

this year’s @vividsydney light-show on the SOH is gorgeous, one of the best, and it’s great to see some Indigenous art in recognition of our First Nations (@ Sydney Opera House)

22May2016 02:29

Home means @meccacoffee for a breakfast plate with a real flat white, and a gorgeous Cerro Azul Gesha on filter (like a white tea became a coffee) (@ Mecca Coffee)

14May2016 22:05

this dude; the calm in the chaos, all about the bub

10May2016 00:53

New York / contemplation (this is ridiculous, but forgive me, I’ve had Tay Tay singing Welcome to New York on loop in my head #lovethiscity) (@ Central Park)

08May2016 16:21

NYC knows how to do vegan! this place serves creative simple food (this chilli ‘sin carne’ is delicious), organic wine, in a bar setting that mixes French/colonial influences (@ Le Botaniste New York)

08May2016 14:04

Sunday morning in NYC so of course I sought out the Melbourne-themed cafe (@ Little Collins NYC)

30April2016 04:11

bibi and b&p for my last saturday in sydney for a while (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)