Peter M Howard ::

05November2015 20:14

this breakfast! fluffy crepe wrapping a bundle of lentils and spinach, topped with a poached egg #amaze (@ Odettes Eatery)

02November2015 08:21

usually the newer apple device is the thinner one; this time round it isn’t, ’cause it theoretically does more; no obvious evidence of that yet, but Apple Music is quite possibly the killer app

01November2015 04:44

made it out to @archierosesyd on my inner west exploration; very cool distillery/bar space with a gorgeous gin (@ Archie Rose Distilling Co.)

31October2015 23:28

doing Sunday right, starting with brunch, having been too long away from Mecca Alexandria (and I think this is my first egg for the week, the mostly-vegan thing is working!) (@ Mecca Coffee)

31October2015 08:30

fun Saturday in the #2007 — new progressive thinking about the future with the Greens, colourful vegan salad and coffee at Mecca, and a morning walk to still hit my 10k step goal (making it every day this month!) (@ Ultimo, New South Wales)

26October2015 09:00

had no idea where this one was going, but ended up with a delicious spicy something of black beans and brown rice and mushrooms and baby spinach #eatmoreplants

25October2015 03:34

it’s a beautiful Sydney Sunday afternoon, time to bounce between the gardens for some nature, and the Con for some music #selfie #justbecause (@ The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney)

22October2015 01:12

regram @adrinkingproject with last night’s drinking project (@ The Wild Rover)

19October2015 08:10

going vegan at home is easy when I do a big cook-up, but I have to learn new tricks for simple things, and not just rely on cheese and eggs; tonight is Mexican-ish, wheat tortillas w/ black beans, spinach, and avo and tomato, with a side of fried baby spuds

18October2015 06:04

finally checking out Love, Tilly Devine; interesting wine on a warm Sunday afternoon (@ Love Tilly Devine)

17October2015 08:44

been too long since I’ve cooked; keeping it simple with a seasonal stew; baby potatoes, dutch carrots, and flat beans from @thelocalsmarket, with portobello mushrooms and lentils in coconut milk #eatmoreplants

17October2015 02:58

just adding to the stack of books I have to get through

15October2015 08:03

picked up some new vinyl on a whim and a half-remembered recommendation, from somewhere; and wow! where has Betty Davis been all my life?! stunning funk/soul voice, amazing rhythms

14October2015 08:47

transitioning mostly-vegan-at-home; some qualifiers there, but this is the last of the eggs or cheese, and I’m almost finished the dairy chocolate

11October2015 00:12

americans on filter at @paramountcoffee; unsurprised to find a standout @rubyroasters kenyan! (@ The Paramount Coffee Project)

10October2015 05:42

@guzmanygomez changed the contents of their ‘veggie’ filling, more colour but less protein; if I go no cheese the only protein comes from like four small beans :(

10October2015 02:19

it is good to be home (@ Sydney Opera House)

09October2015 07:56

#friday #dusk #jog #selfie

08October2015 08:36

spinach and egg rolls; breakfast for dinner!

07October2015 07:49

spring equals rosé

04October2015 03:54

Sydney is crazy hot today, but there’s a beautiful harbour breeze, and you can’t complain about this view (@ Barangaroo Headland Park)