Peter M Howard ::

23May2020 05:17

massive swell at curl curl yesterday, incredible to see the power of the ocean just rising up in a roar (@ Curl Curl, New South Wales, Australia)

14May2020 07:17

my runners are wearing out faster now i’m out in them every day so i made up some ace coloured replacements 💜🤍🖤

12May2020 04:02

i mean if i’m buying physical media it should also be pretty 💖 (though also, somewhat surreal that this was the last movie i saw in a cinema in person)

04May2020 08:00

twilight walk after a day stuck to my laptop and it’s a nice way to breathe again #lovethiscity (@ Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia)

03May2020 09:00

built on my tasty red lentil “bolognese”, added spinach and chickpeas, and baked it with some vegan cheese mixed through, and just wow

01May2020 05:23

friday, 🍺 o’clock

08April2020 09:53

for tonight’s iso meal I finally figured out how to do an all vegan bolognese-y thing without relying on fake meat. it’s amazing — carrots, mushrooms, red lentils

02April2020 06:52

quarantine cookup, a tasty spicy pile of rice and beans w/ the tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach that were starting to wilt

31March2020 08:54

picked up a vegan brekky deli box from @shifteatery cause I love their bacon and egg bagel, but waffles for dessert was a nice bonus

15March2020 04:55

prepared for #socialdistancing by book shopping, and now reading AGENCY for a surreal take on life amidst the jackpot

06March2020 05:51

road tripping, spending the night in wagga wagga; their “beach” on the murrumbidgee is more beautiful than a photo can capture (@ Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia)

25February2020 22:18

some light holiday reading (@ The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa)

22February2020 20:39

had a few hours layover through LAX so spent the morning in Venice (@ Venice)

16February2020 04:52

babysitting this gorgeous girl. she misses mum and dad but we’re having fun