Peter M Howard ::

09July2017 08:26

love these colours #lovethiscity #nofilter

01July2017 07:22

not great to be working a weekend, but it’s rare, and how beautiful is this city!

28June2017 23:14

a bit of sunshine on a grey day; these folks are all vegan but their homemade nut mylks are better than anything you’ll get from a cow (@ VERD)

29May2017 22:22

at the pointy end of the plane. there is no space here for the pilot :/

27May2017 18:10

did not expect to drop 800 usd on lululemon, but when the only colour in the store is the glass of rosé they serve me while I’m browsing, it’s like they’ve figured me out (@ Lululemon Athletica)

26May2017 18:40

dropping in on NYC feels so comfortably familiar (@ Central Park)

07May2017 09:57


07May2017 06:06

last weekend in sydney for the month and the weather’s too gorgeous (@ Shelly Beach)

06May2017 09:36

tonight (@ Roslyn Packer Theatre)

23April2017 23:10

it’s disturbing that this city has a monument to “Dear Leader”, but it’s hilarious that it’s a golden phallus

21April2017 22:36

at the airport for the fourth time this week; nice to be going somewhere hot and sunny this time (@ Qantas International First Lounge - Sydney)

12April2017 07:28

Mount Macedon, perfectly framed (my view for the next couple nights) (@ Macedon Ranges Hotel & Spa)