Peter M Howard ::

13October2017 03:18

had to get one last meal from @true_food_kitchen — this delish brussels sprouts & mushroom pizza, great rosé, and an amazing squash tart w coconut cream (a relatively clean take on the notorious pumpkin pie) (@ True Food Kitchen)

11October2017 02:55

this beach though (@ Santa Monica, California)

09October2017 22:55

after too many veggie fails, the first place I stumble into in Sta Monica does a whole bunch of vegan stuff, including this great BLAT that rivals my at-home fave (@ True Food Kitchen)

09October2017 21:43

not bad (@ Hotel Shangri-La)

08October2017 21:02

I may have found my new favourite brewery (and so many pink beers!) (@ Modern Times Beer)

06October2017 01:58

San Diego is very bad at vegetarian but very good at all-of-the-animal food (and local, sustainable &c), so I’m slipping a little but mostly still with good outcomes (also the wine list at this place!) (@ Isola Pizza Bar)

01October2017 21:00

hotel room view / hollywoo(d) (@ The LINE Hotel)

01October2017 15:06

landed in LA, kickstarting my day with an America-sized cold brew (@ Koreatown, Los Angeles)

23September2017 02:31

checking out @shifteatery, new all vegan cafe and deli; nice range of brunch and sandwich options, incl this chicken and turkey club; good looking coffee options too but in this hot weather I had to go for the @elixirspecialtycoffee! (@ Shift Eatery)

21September2017 07:44

pink, sunset glimpsed #lovethiscity (@ Sydney Opera House)