Peter M Howard ::

28August2018 06:16

moved into the new place, stuff everywhere while I figure out the new layout, but it gives me so much more room to move and even though I haven’t even moved far enough to change my local supermarket, walking around central park gives me goosebumps — i’ve been watching this development progress since the days of going to uni across the road, and always pictured myself in here (@ Central Park Sydney)

19August2018 07:54

this vegan dahl: corn and lentil and tofu, with soft charcoal tortillas, and a rich dark coffee on the side; perfect for a crisp winter afternoon (@ Mecca Coffee)

11August2018 05:26

some incredible work by John Mawurndjul at @mca_australia (@ Museum of Contemporary Art)

13July2018 13:28

gorgeous dinner at @paperbarkrestaurant, typified by this rainbow explosion in one’s mouth; some great natural wines in support too! (@ Paperbark Restaurant)

07July2018 07:13

today I visited the northernmost and southernmost tips of Oahu — beautiful island, and these wild parts are worth it (would probably all be better for fewer americans)