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So I went and saw Starsky & Hutch last night, and during the previews there was an RTA ad - […]

Fortress Australia


Seems like only a couple years ago (ie, the last election campaign) when the Liberals were fighting on 'Fortress Australia'. […]

flash gallery thingy


Putting this here for now - there's a web design section coming, but for now… This is a Flash photo […]

back back again


Been out of it for a while - back at uni means everything's very chaotic, add to that all the […]

The Passion Pre-Viewing


ok, so I haven't seen The Passion yet. But these are my comments before I do… When I first saw […]

Your fetish with the Semantic Web is just an excuse not to organise your thoughts hierarchicly, as God intended


I've linked to before. Now here's an interview with Paul Ford, the owner. The quote above's from the comments […]

'the desire to be a patriot and to change things'


Another blog entry here. is marvellously postmodern - in it's design and scripting and in the writing. A fascinating […]

I want to be a Free Spirit


Everyday Matters has some amazing artwork, and some really profound moments in the entries. This little entry's on when we […]

Broken Hearts


A nice one for Valentine's Day. The Morning News published this photo series with people telling stories of how their […]