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expensive habits


Gonna have trouble adjusting to the different food offerings when I return home — or worse, will go broke trying […]

BBC backstage access


the BBC is opening up access — their new Backstage feature allows developers to access a whole lot of BBC […]

Tribes sidebar now available


OK, so I've finally got all the coding done on the tribes sidebar - down the right-hand side. For now […]



Yay! Just bought a camera… at last. It's the Panasonic GS400 (3CCD) video camera. Now I can make annoying videos […]

search terms


how cool/utterly hopeless is this: NineMSN's google-killing search engine returns my site as the TOP RESULT for a search on […]

lesser of two evils


Been keeping an eye on the UK elections out of morbid fascination - no surprise that the same thing happened […]

new articles up


Got my latest UTS assignment finished in time… We had to select a sociological research method and do a mini-test-run […]



various updates, in no particular order: Spain photos are up - Bilbao and Pamplona/SanSebastian albums got feedback on UTS First […]

10 days in Euskadi


Spent 10 days in northern Spain during the uni break - flew in and out of Bilbao… Spent a few […]

God's Rottweiler


got to a point where i've got to say something bout Benny XVI (Seize)… In short, I think it's excellent […]

Pamplona (y San Sebastian)


Was in Pamplona Apr17-21, with a day in San Sebastian the 19th.

  • Pamplona Walls
  • Pamplona Walls
  • Pamplona Cathedral
  • Pamplona... A Church

(10 photos)



In Bilbao Apr13-17... Beautiful city, in a strange urban/rundown sort of way - old town, then industrialisation, then mass production, &c... Everything sort of tacked on to each other (buildings/infrastructure), and so many different environments in a really small space (filmmaker's heaven!)

  • Spain on Approach
  • Bilbao
  • Bilbao
  • Bilbao

(25 photos)

In the Public Interests of Whom?


funny watching the Austn media suddenly realise (5 months after the fact) that the Libs lied (or maybe just bent […]

New Host!


Got a new webhost… You shouldn't notice the difference though - for now the 'new' site is still loading […]

Paris, Enfin!


Finally went into Paris! It was the first Sunday of the month, so… free museums! Visited the Louvre (or, one […]

England, A Holiday in Two Parts


I haven't really said much about my cpl trips to England, so thought I'd get some things down here… I've […]

Paris Part 1


My first trip into Paris, April 3rd. Photos at the Louvre and elsewhere

  • Outside the Train
  • Outside the Train
  • Outside the Train
  • The Louvre

(25 photos)

Downloading Movies is...


Installed Limewire and been downloading lots of anime lately… (discovered a pretty amazing series called Wolf's Rain, currently downloading Ep11 […]

L'Invasion du Manga


Today in class we went through an article on the popularity of Manga in France. (I must admit, I was […]

Update... With Photos!


OK, finally delivering the oft-promised photos… The bar on the right displays the six most recent albums, mouse-over for a […]

'threats that no one country, however powerful, can fight alone'


I'm watching Kofi Annan give a press conference at the UN HQ at the moment… Calling for a huge range […]

I Want One!


An ingenious offering from A […]

So what are your politics?


An Attempt To Sort Out My Thoughts In brief, I think I'd say I'm Catholic and Pacifist, with sympathies towards […]



An interesting post over at The New Normal on the challenges faced by Old Media in regards content and distribution. […]

Around Town


Shots from around Reims... A few funky night shots, some with snow, some more recent as it's been warming up... Added more from end March

  • Snow, Cathedral
  • And Champagne
  • Lanson
  • Reims by Night

(20 photos)

Chez Moi


My studio in various messy states; check out the extremely ugly wallpaper and tiling

  • My First Coffee
  • My First Coffee
  • A Home-Cooked Meal
  • Setting Up

(9 photos)

Six Weeks Later...


Well it took a while, but I'm finally online… That means there'll be a few little changes to the site, […]



Finally got internet at home, albeit dialup. I'm still waiting on France Telecom to activate my ADSL(2+) line, but fortunately […]



From my visit to London Feb 17th. Some shots round the city and at the Tower.

  • The Tower, London
  • The Tower, London
  • St Pauls, London
  • St Pauls, London

(11 photos)



Everyone's seen Stonehenge so this is relatively short (compared to the dozens of photos I have of it on my laptop). Went walkabout in the general area as well

  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge Environs
  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge

(6 photos)



Visited Bath Feb 15th...

  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath
  • Roman Baths, Bath

(7 photos)

Sarum, Old and New


a little hill and valley that's been housing people for thousands of years... Oh and one of the biggest Cathedral spires anywhere, ever...

  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum
  • Old Sarum

(9 photos)



Visited Oxford Feb13th... A couple interesting museums, lots of old stuff, and some amazing architecture

  • University Museum, Oxford
  • University Museum, Oxford
  • University Museum, Oxford
  • Pitts River Museum, Oxford

(10 photos)



Mentioned on The Corporation: slavery did not end because the market collapsed. It ended because enough people asserted that there […]

Elves Of Valinor Warn Of 'Critical Security Flaw' in Palantir Browsers


at defective yeti This is genius. Apparently the palantir browsers have (yet another) security hole that allow a remote user […]

four legs good, two legs ...


An interesting article on SMH today - talking about communism/marxism and fascism. Good to see someone point out that just […]

Acts of God


some good and some bad in the responses to the tsunami… I'm very impressed by the fact that Aussies are […]

what terrorism may achieve


William Gibson quotes Lord Hoffman (UK House of Lords) on terrorism and the Brits new laws to allow them to […]

My Favourite Book


So the results of ABC's My Favourite Book poll are in. Lord of the Rings came in first - my […]

Terrorist Descent


Brilliant cartoon in The Boondocks today: it's hard to tell if someone's a terrorist these […]