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Summer Solstice 2005


Spent the day before the Summer Solstice at Avebury, which was full of hippies preparing for that night. Was staying in Salisbury with Stonehenge just up the road so spent the night there with a crowd of 10,000. The only time of the year you can touch the stones; the atmosphere was truely awe-inspiring and I hope the images give some idea of what it was like.

  • Avebury
  • Avebury
  • Avebury
  • Avebury

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various sites around Wilton; Wilton House's gardens are particularly beautiful, and ridiculously stereotypical -- they're often used to shoot period films

  • Non-Conformist Church
  • Wilton House
  • Wilton House
  • Wilton House

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Paris Part 2


A day in Paris, 15June2005

  • Sacre Coeur
  • Sacre Coeur
  • Notre Dame

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Reims, Festive


A couple separate events from May and June; the city likes to throw a festival and show of its history. In the first case, the anniversary of the German surrender in 1945; the second, the Fetes Johanniques, centered around Joan of Arc's successful entrance into the city and the crowning of the Dauphin, but really just a big 'medieval' event.

  • Reims, decorated
  • Reims, decorated
  • Reims, decorated
  • Le Feu de Saint Jean

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press-ganging alive and well


Interesting (read “scary”) article from a Seattle paper — about a kid that Marine recruiters went after. Their tactics are […]

A place amongst the living


Je viens de regarder Une place parmi les vivants. C'était… intéressant, un peu bizarre. Un peu de 'film-noir', un peu […]

With Us or Against Us


Matt 12:30 “Anyone who is not with me is against me” But also Mark 9:40 “Anyone who is not against […]

It's Non


Well the French have called 'Non', currently calling around 55% +/- 2ish. EC Pres Juncker just gave a Press Conference […]

weird search terms 2


ok, making this a ?bits category, cos I'm getting so many classic search terms sending people my way…. Currently ranked […]



Been doing some more coding on the site, much of it you can't actually see, but _very_ soon I'll have […]

expensive habits


Gonna have trouble adjusting to the different food offerings when I return home — or worse, will go broke trying […]

BBC backstage access


the BBC is opening up access — their new Backstage feature allows developers to access a whole lot of BBC […]

Tribes sidebar now available


OK, so I've finally got all the coding done on the tribes sidebar - down the right-hand side. For now […]



Yay! Just bought a camera… at last. It's the Panasonic GS400 (3CCD) video camera. Now I can make annoying videos […]

search terms


how cool/utterly hopeless is this: NineMSN's google-killing search engine returns my site as the TOP RESULT for a search on […]

lesser of two evils


Been keeping an eye on the UK elections out of morbid fascination - no surprise that the same thing happened […]

new articles up


Got my latest UTS assignment finished in time… We had to select a sociological research method and do a mini-test-run […]



various updates, in no particular order: Spain photos are up - Bilbao and Pamplona/SanSebastian albums got feedback on UTS First […]

10 days in Euskadi


Spent 10 days in northern Spain during the uni break - flew in and out of Bilbao… Spent a few […]

God's Rottweiler


got to a point where i've got to say something bout Benny XVI (Seize)… In short, I think it's excellent […]

Pamplona (y San Sebastian)


Was in Pamplona Apr17-21, with a day in San Sebastian the 19th.

  • Pamplona Walls
  • Pamplona Walls
  • Pamplona Cathedral
  • Pamplona... A Church

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In Bilbao Apr13-17... Beautiful city, in a strange urban/rundown sort of way - old town, then industrialisation, then mass production, &c... Everything sort of tacked on to each other (buildings/infrastructure), and so many different environments in a really small space (filmmaker's heaven!)

  • Spain on Approach
  • Bilbao
  • Bilbao
  • Bilbao

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In the Public Interests of Whom?


funny watching the Austn media suddenly realise (5 months after the fact) that the Libs lied (or maybe just bent […]

New Host!


Got a new webhost… You shouldn't notice the difference though - for now the 'new' site is still loading […]

Paris, Enfin!


Finally went into Paris! It was the first Sunday of the month, so… free museums! Visited the Louvre (or, one […]

England, A Holiday in Two Parts


I haven't really said much about my cpl trips to England, so thought I'd get some things down here… I've […]

Paris Part 1


My first trip into Paris, April 3rd. Photos at the Louvre and elsewhere

  • Outside the Train
  • Outside the Train
  • Outside the Train
  • The Louvre

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Downloading Movies is...


Installed Limewire and been downloading lots of anime lately… (discovered a pretty amazing series called Wolf's Rain, currently downloading Ep11 […]

L'Invasion du Manga


Today in class we went through an article on the popularity of Manga in France. (I must admit, I was […]

Update... With Photos!


OK, finally delivering the oft-promised photos… The bar on the right displays the six most recent albums, mouse-over for a […]

'threats that no one country, however powerful, can fight alone'


I'm watching Kofi Annan give a press conference at the UN HQ at the moment… Calling for a huge range […]

I Want One!


An ingenious offering from A […]

So what are your politics?


An Attempt To Sort Out My Thoughts In brief, I think I'd say I'm Catholic and Pacifist, with sympathies towards […]



An interesting post over at The New Normal on the challenges faced by Old Media in regards content and distribution. […]

Around Town


Shots from around Reims... A few funky night shots, some with snow, some more recent as it's been warming up... Added more from end March

  • Snow, Cathedral
  • And Champagne
  • Lanson
  • Reims by Night

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Chez Moi


My studio in various messy states; check out the extremely ugly wallpaper and tiling

  • My First Coffee
  • My First Coffee
  • A Home-Cooked Meal
  • Setting Up

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Six Weeks Later...


Well it took a while, but I'm finally online… That means there'll be a few little changes to the site, […]



Finally got internet at home, albeit dialup. I'm still waiting on France Telecom to activate my ADSL(2+) line, but fortunately […]



From my visit to London Feb 17th. Some shots round the city and at the Tower.

  • The Tower, London
  • The Tower, London
  • St Pauls, London
  • St Pauls, London

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Everyone's seen Stonehenge so this is relatively short (compared to the dozens of photos I have of it on my laptop). Went walkabout in the general area as well

  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge Environs
  • Stonehenge
  • Stonehenge

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