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Drop that double-u-double-u-double-u-dot


Seriously, get rid of those www.'s. They're clumsy to say, and they're four extra keypresses I don't want to have […]

A History of Violence


Though only 1h35, this film is too long. It's okay all told, a take on the former-gangster's American dream is […]



This is up there as one of the most confused movies ever made, proving that the whole is never equal […]

Turing's Cathedral


Interesting essay by George Dyson on the history of digital computing; the really interesting part comes in some speculation at […]

I don't HATE Microsoft


I'm rather ambivalent towards Microsoft… Past experience has taught me not to use Windows until they prove otherwise. And I […]

QOTD: French and Saunders


“Who's there?” “Madonna” “A Madonna, Mother of Our Lord?” “No, The Madonna, Mrs Guy Ritc […]



Finally finished my Project Proposal and sent it off… I don't think it makes a lot of sense, but because […]

Reclaiming the label Amateur


Let's take back the name 'Amateur'. An amateur isn't supposed to be someone that doesn't know what they're doing, an […]

Desire (1936)


Just watched Desire, a Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper black and white from 1936. Dietrich plays a European con-chick/jewel-thief; Gary […]

That's not a knife


Excellent comments on the state of broadband in Australia over on Bleeding Edge. The Americans think they've got it bad […]

Site Updates


Was hoping to change the ?bits feed to Atom1.0, but after writing it, discovered that Akregator, my feed reader, doesn't […]

Computer upgrade: White vs Beige


It's coming time to get a new computer, and I'm hunting around, getting up-to-date on the latest releases and specs, […]

Some observations on 'Spam 2.0'


As much as I dislike the term Web2.0 (but can't be bothered pulling it apart as plenty of people have […]

Bird Flu


Bird Flu in ?bits=myth, 'cause that's right where it belongs for now… The media are doing their usual beat-up (here […]

Computing isn't meant to be Easy


Starting to realise that computers shouldn't be easy… _All_ computers should have an admin - someone who knows how to […]

Site Updates


At last, I've transferred to using the database to hold my longer essays (they were previously flat text files). You'll […]



Saw Saved!, quite a terrible movie really (at its heart just a love story, but with too much baggage), and […]

"How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong"


Interesting article over at about Christian identity in the States. Bill McKibben asks how the west's arguably most Christian […]



Made a couple little changes… Added a 'ping-o-matic' link so that I can notify the majors when my blog gets […]

Pollution != Global Warming


Article in the Guardian on a new World Bank report, with the disturbing note: “Almost a fifth of all ill […]

Bible truth


The Times Online reports on a new document on scripture released by Catholic Bishops in the UK with the terrible […]

Modding legal


This is very cool… The High Court of Australia just ruled that modding gaming hardware in order to play games […]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas last night. I'd heard about it and had been meaning to see it […]

Photo Updates


Finally posted photos from the latest trip, as promised… There are four new albums, all available by clicking the thumbnails […]

Paris and Coffee


Normally when Paris and Coffee are in the same sentence nauseatic convulsions result. But this is a rare exception: Le […]

Search Terms half-working


Some more search terms; first the bizarre: “medieval photos of people” (that gets top points; I hope they found some […]

let's go out tonight


Amarok tells me I've played this CD 26 times in the two days I've had it. And that I last […]

Converting Relative to Absolute links in PHP (preg_replace)


It took a while, but I managed to get my head around the Regex syntax to change relative links (in […]

Site Updates


Managed to recode the site's PHP backend, and converted to XHTML1.1 while I was at it (and am pretty sure […]

The Game


Interesting article from Matt Baldwin on The Morning News. A series of three entitled Playing the Game. 'The Game' is […]

Winter, She Cometh


Sat in my room shivering this evening; then realised I had bare feet and short sleeves… There'll be no doing […]



After five weeks of travel through places with varying coffee standards, I've come to some new realisations about Starbucks. Previously, […]

Think You're Fighting Spam?


I found a link to 'SpamPoison' (.com) while browsing, and found it rather humourous. I'm not going to link to […]

Home Again


Finally made it home last night — just in time to get some essentials from the supermarket too. The flight […]

A Collection of Holiday Posts, September 2005


This post is a collection of ?bits written over the last couple weeks in my notebook… These are mainly just […]



Visited Barcelona Sep2-6. Explored the Barri Gotic, Barcelona's 'old town' equivalent, which is built atop the ruins of the old Roman settlement, and houses the city's cathedral. Also wandered around Montjuïc, where the complex for the Olympic Games was built.

  • Old Barcelona
  • Comtes de Barcelona
  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Barcelona Cathedral

(19 photos)

A Coruña (y Betanzos)


Visited A Coruña Aug26-28, with a trip to Betanzos Aug27. A Coruña is a big industrial town in Galicia, with a huge port and beautiful beach (and the weather was spectacular for bonus points). Betanzos is a small medieval hill-town, complete with thin steep streets; it's recently expanded a great deal but most of the newer development is rather neglected.

  • A Cat
  • Coal
  • Docks
  • A Coruña

(10 photos)

Santiago de Compostela


Visited Santiago de Compostela Aug23-25. According to legend the cathedral holds the remains of the Apostle James, and has long been a pilgrimage destination. The city is the final stop on the famous 'Way of St James' pilgrimage, a walk along the north of Spain. The cathedral is in the beautiful medieval Old Town.

  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Santiago de Compostela

(7 photos)

World Youth Day 2005


Attended WYD2005 in Köln with an Australian group from Sydney. We spent a week on pilgrimage in France, then a week in Köln, with the final weekend spent at the Marienfeld, a huge agricultural field opened up for the occasion.

  • Rouen Cathedral
  • Rouen: Jeanne d'Arc
  • Lisieux: St Therese
  • Lisieux: St Therese

(14 photos)

WYD Updates


Currently in Cologne, here for a couple more nights… The atmosphere is amazing, the city has been at a standstill […]