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22September2007 [photography]
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In which I photograph much smaller subjects

Stayed at Mum and Dad’s last weekend, and took the dSLR out there, mostly for a change of scenery. After a couple sets of City photos, I wanted some different subjects. And shooting the pets was the perfect opportunity to play around with a narrow depth-of-field. Got a few really good looking shots, and some beautiful colour — none of these have been post-processed.

Bird II

I’m telling myself this isn’t really cat blogging, because they’re not my cats, and I don’t intend to make them a regular feature. Nor shall I anthropomorphicise them if I can help it.

Cat and Bird II

A couple more photos in the Cats, and Bird album.

I was thinking the other day, Why not just get a robotic dog? We keep pets because we like to pretend they love us in return (not that centuries of selective breeding have made them dependent on us), and of course it’s crazy to talk to oneself out loud, but not quite so crazy to talk to a pet. Another generation and I expect talking to robots will be quite normal, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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