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18-24June2006 :: This Week


watched Springtime in a Small Town; beautiful Chinese film; the film work was poetic: long, lingering shots with periods of […]

Working 9-5


Have just completed my 7th day of nine-to-five (well, 9-6 actually)… It really is awful. Was fortunate though: managed to […]

The Author and The Logos


I've just uploaded a piece I wrote for uni to ?myth=author_logos. I wasn't sure I even wanted to title the […]

4-10June2006 :: This Week


watched Answered by Fire (Parts I and II); first part focussed on the lead-up to referendum, much better than the […]

On Switching, Part the First


This is the first part of some bits I'm writing about migrating from Linux to Mac. Herein, I discuss my […]

28May-3June2006 :: This Week


watched The Family Stone; funny lite; very predictable watched Prime; light funny with some very understated humour; loved the ending […]