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23-29April2006 :: This Week


watched Roman Road watched Holy Man, despite having decided not to watch movies on commercial television ever again; at least […]

16-22April2006 :: This Week


watched Mr Harvey Lights A Candle; feel-good and trying to be Mr Chips but otherwise interesting comments about religion in […]

Fou Amoureux


Je suis amoureux, mais de qui ou de quoi, je ne sais pas. J'aime Paris, j'aime la France, j'aime le […]

9-15April2006 :: This Week


watched Corpse Bride saw James Blunt perform at the Hordern read Sara Douglass' God's Concubine (Troy Game Book 2); great […]

Venus and Mars and some other planet


Men and Women are different; their brains work differently Not everyone conforms to (1) Because of (1), those in (2) […]

Team B Mark II


Saw James Blunt perform at the Hordern Pavilion last night. It was impossible for him to live up to what […]

Rehearsing for Fourty Thousand Years; On Cultural Curiosity


Having watched the latest Australian Tourism ad I'm starting to wonder if it was banned simply because it's such an […]

2-8April2006 :: This Week


finished reading EL Doctorow's The March; quite a good read, lots of good ideas come together towards the end; was […]

Rethinking that Convergent Gadget


Mostly inspired by my current cash-strapped state, and the lack of any paid prospects, I've been thinking about the gadget […]

Two of Three Short Scripts


Have just uploaded a couple short scripts to the ?film section. I wrote both last week for my 'Writing for […]

V For Vendetta


On the surface, this film appears to be a fairly decent comic adaptation, with a smattering of action, Natalie Portman […]

26Mar-1April2006 :: This Week


saw Adam Alexander play at The Basement; he opened with Talk of Funny Days which is still a beautiful song; […]