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19-25March2006 :: This Week


read Delia Falconer's The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers watched Scrubs, Season 2 watched Beautiful Creatures watched Bringing Out The Dead […]

Flora, Thrice


Despite Panasonic Australia's protestations that my NV-GS400 camera does not exist, I managed to find a manual online, and in […]

Why I Do This; Some Justifications


This thing I do, I do it for me. I write for me. I am conscious that I am putting […]

12-18March2006 :: This Week


read 'Chance' from Alice Munro's collection of short stories Runaway; very short-film-ic watched Syriana watched Balzac and the Little Chinese […]

We’ve Been Underestimating Those Buildings


On the bus on the way out of the city today I saw "the city's most envious office building". I […]



From the movie's opening scene, I knew this one was gonna be good. Beautiful camera work. Not far in and […]

5-11March2006 :: This Week


This is a replacement for the '?currently' entries. And for listing movies I saw, books I read, &c, when I […]

Style Updates


As promised, I've made some changes to the styles on this site. There are three alternate stylesheets available: the black […]

Attempting Reconnection… Failed


Abort, Retry, Fail?_ R After returning from the year of In-Country Studies, one hits a 7-8 day mark when reality […]

White vs Beige, Round 4


On Switching Put the White vs Beige fight on hiatus, it having become somewhat academic as I have no money, […]

Crash, House of Flying Daggers, Little Fish


I saw these movies a few weeks ago, when I hired about a dozen in the space of a couple […]