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more Centrists


Been reading the last couple of months on William Gibson's blog - looks like he returned in time for the […]

Xenon specs leaked


There's a document with Xbox2/Xenon specs doing the rounds, supposedly leaked from MS. Specs look attractive, although there's obviously still […]

kill everyone


I love how people can point out the hypocrisy in politicians opposing abortions while attacking Iraq. …And then conclude that […]

trendy lefties


No wonder Catholics form center parties…! Now not only have 2 Coalition invaders been restored, they've done so with an […]

Xinit/VNC hack


Just installed VNC at home. Running the Windows server on our XPHome machine, and the client on my laptop - […]

countdown to china


Finally got some details for departure - now the real countdown begins. Flying Cathay Pacific too, which is a pleasant […]

digital delivery


Ripped unashamedly from Penny Arcade: “Imagine that you had to go to a well every time you wanted water. Then, […]

funky google trick


Cool trick, discovered this in a roundabout way. Some librarians got together to create a bookmarklet that could link direct […]

appeasement is a dirty word


How long till the 'JAKARTA BOMBING' (!!) gets used for election purposes. Johnny's probably smart enough not to blatantly say […]



Sydney Uni Life Debate on Abortion today. Unfortunately both sides tended to stray into stereotypes and cliches, unwilling to really […]

another little victory


got a letter printed in the uni magazine - Vertigo. Pretty trashy mag really, but still… As follows: “in the […]

Artorius Rex-tended


(Excuse the lame pun). Wrote some more about King Arthur… For now it's basically reiterating what I already said with […]

Crazy Irish-Catholic terrorists


The news shows some of the hijackers getting through airport security and people get mad. But it's only post-911 that […]

Five and a half pages


You'd think that only 12 years after going to war with a country, and barely more since the US gave […]

now the banks are beating the scammers at their own game


Got a phishing email - one of those ones apparently from Westpac, with a link asking you to login to […]

I knew he was stupid, but really...


Alexander Downer, clever fellow that he is, today admitted that “poverty, disadvantage (and) hopelessly entrenched political impasses” are “long-running and […]

Artorius Rex


I've wanted for years now to make a film about King Arthur - when I heard about the new version […]

The name of this class, 'abc', conflicts with the name of another class that was loaded, 'abc'


Macromedia Flash forums: Wow, I searched all over the web and these forums, and finally, a “solution” I'm using Forms, […]

'at no time did australian troops...'


Getting more and more worried everytime Johnny and his posse tell us Australian troops weren't involved in prisoner abuse at […]

The Altar Of Reason


there's still a web design section coming… Now that uni's finished for the semester I'll try build some more. But […]

cut and run


Didn't think Mark Latham's call to get out of Iraq was very sensible at first (after all, we - Australia, […] Feedback


Hi, I use your website for a client and I find it very annoying/temperamental. My browser of choice is Konqueror, […]

aligned with evil


Trying to rewrite this site in standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, but IE6 is giving me hell. This page looks beautiful […]



Source: Reims […]

Jazzy Mix Parts I & II (Beats and Blues)


Part One (Beats) Alicia Keys Harlem's Nocturne The Roots ft D'Angelo The 'Notic Rob Dougan Nothing At All Reverence Contemplation […]

and the winner is ... (syd-en-ey)


Ballot's complete and I'm going to Reims, which ended up being my first preference, so I'm very happy. Spending a […]



I've noticed the issue of adoption come up a few times lately, and I realised: it's interesting that we/society tells […]

The Passion Part I


Finally got around to seeing The Passion, I've been waiting for the right moment, then one afternoon just got up […]

the light in the darkness


Went to John Mayer's concert last night at the Sydney Entertainment Center. Amazing music - I was worried the show […]



The priest in today's homily: Time doesn't heal; time just helps you learn to live with the p […]



So I went and saw Starsky & Hutch last night, and during the previews there was an RTA ad - […]

Fortress Australia


Seems like only a couple years ago (ie, the last election campaign) when the Liberals were fighting on 'Fortress Australia'. […]

flash gallery thingy


Putting this here for now - there's a web design section coming, but for now… This is a Flash photo […]

back back again


Been out of it for a while - back at uni means everything's very chaotic, add to that all the […]

The Passion Pre-Viewing


ok, so I haven't seen The Passion yet. But these are my comments before I do… When I first saw […]

Your fetish with the Semantic Web is just an excuse not to organise your thoughts hierarchicly, as God intended


I've linked to before. Now here's an interview with Paul Ford, the owner. The quote above's from the comments […]

'the desire to be a patriot and to change things'


Another blog entry here. is marvellously postmodern - in it's design and scripting and in the writing. A fascinating […]

I want to be a Free Spirit


Everyday Matters has some amazing artwork, and some really profound moments in the entries. This little entry's on when we […]

Broken Hearts


A nice one for Valentine's Day. The Morning News published this photo series with people telling stories of how their […]